WELCOME TO BALANCE U® by James Colvin, M. Div. A holistic practice of psychotherapy, pastoral counseling, couple counseling, for mind, body, spirit and relationship. Scan

Balance U is your kind of place if you seek wholeness, well-being and healthy relationships.  Here pain can be transformed into wisdom and conflict to joy. My work is part of the complimentary and alternative medicine movement.  Resources offered include marriage counseling, psychotherapy, pastoral counseling, personal coaching, meditation and energy work.  Blue Cross Blue Shield provider; work with other plans as out-of-network. Financial assistance may be available through Partnership for Pastoral Counseling.

Video introduction: 

Balance U is staffed by James Colvin, M.Div. , who has over twenty-five years of experience in practice.  My belief is that healing must be holistic. Period.  Balance U was created to integrate psychotherapeutic work, dealing with the mind, spirit that deals with connection to the Source of our life, and energy work  that deals with the body. I include interactive talk therapy, meditation, and body listening.   My approach addresses the relationship between mind, body, spirit and emotions and how these interact in creating wholeness. Central to BalanceU is the conviction that mind, body and spirit comprise a single dynamic entity. Each of these components influences the rest. Energy medicine declares that all living things are comprised of energy. The human energetic system is an organized, intelligent, self-regulating network. When we function optimally, our energetic system flows freely with fullness and vitality. Blocks in this natural flow create the environment for illness and disease. The healing task of BalanceU is to restore and balance the interconnection of the body, mind, and spirit.

Concept and Method

The healing process begins with awareness of the interconnection between mental health, physical health and spiritual health. And that awareness happens in the telling of each person’s story.  Our work  together honors your journey and actively incorporates the spirit and body in the therapeutic process. The key to healing is the heart. This is the mediator amongst mind, body and spirit. If we have access to the heart, through awareness of our inner being, spiritual energy can flow much more easily to the rest of us.

The Healing Partnership

The partnership between client and practitioner creates an alliance for healing. Working together, we formulate a general plan and determine the aim of the therapeutic work. I also educate my clients on self-care exercises and practices which promote healing and growth. BalanceU integrates the skills of listening, conversation, meditation, touch (when client agrees) and intuition. I weave these together using the techniques of energy work, verbal dialogue and spiritual presence.

The Session

In the therapeutic session I listen verbally and intuitively to the client’s major concerns. Verbal dialogue engages the mind and medtation enages the heart, and energy work engages the body. Each provides a pathway for understanding the client’s state of health and activating the healing process.

Marriage & Couple Counseling

Case example:

Marriage and couple counseling occurs in a respectful atmosphere of mutual communication on several levels. Marriage is many things but at root it is a relationship of the heart. When this connection is damaged it needs to be restored. First there needs to be some healing of mutual wounds. Then comes learning how to forgive one another, though not excusing hurtful behavior. Another is rediscovering gratitude for the relationship, if possible. Then the couple needs to learn new communication skills including how to argue fairly, how to compromise and how to make requests. Partners learn to listen using their minds and senses.  These skills promote emotional contact and mutual healing.  They also practice interaction in the session as a bridge to life at home. Homework may include individual meditations, couple dialogue and exercises of gratitude. Individual sessions may also be used to enhance selfawareness and growth for the couple.

Cost: Fees are based on a sliding scale. I am licensed as a Marriage and Family Therapist, and am a Blue Cross Blue Shield  provider. With other insurance plans I am able to work out affordable fees, depending on deductibles.